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NFIFA’s mission supports over 23 million directly eligible people within the active military, veterans, and first responders ranks combined with an estimated 59.8 million associated family members, that brings the total potential to be supported to 82.8 million people. There are over 550 float centers, spanning the USA.  Most of these locations are owned and operated by small business owners dedicated to, and passionate about, floating and this community.  The Health, Human, and Public services sectors typically receive $120 Billion in annual donations and about 45,000 nonprofits support veterans.  The goal of NFIFA is to connect these disparate groups into a single alliance, around a unity of purpose.  Inform all levels about floating.  Handle all the administration and documentation both on the front and back ends.  And most importantly, fight for them all ensuring that we maximize all donations to provide free floats to those eligible.  


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 Bring the supported community together with their local float centers and the philanthropists who financially support them.  



Increase awareness of the healing potential of floating to the supported community and others who may benefit. Helping create a nicer world one floater at a time.



 Ensure the benefits provided by NFIFA are only used to support the designated community.  Work to scientifically document the effectiveness of floating. And provide feedback from the supported community on its measures of effectiveness to the donors.  

Fight For Holistic Healing


 Do everything in our power to fight for this groups right to receive paid access to alternative health solutions of their choice.  Fight to ensure all donations received are maximized to provide float therapy for the NFIFA community.  

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