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About Us

Our NFIFA Logo

Our logo epitomizes everything we stand for.

- Overall USA Flag motif stands for our National Pride and Service to our country and citizens. 

- Seven Stars symbolize the four US Military Services and the three main First Responder groups.

- The three blue waves represent water;  with each wave representing the mind, body, and soul. 

- The head floating on the first wave represents flotation therapy and optimizing humanity.

- The blue shadow behind the red rectangle represents our ego and soul and how they can be separate but aligned. 

- The arrows at the end of the waves represent moving forward and paying it forward.

Optimize Humanity with NFIFA!

Flotation Therapy makes everyone who floats a nicer person and a better human being and therefore we are working to change the world one floater at a time.  Do your part:  Float, Donate, Join.